Bit of a catch up

I’ve been doing a lot more crocheting and knitting than blogging! Here a few photos of finished makes to catch up.

Here’s a lacy cardigan I knitted for my grandaughter Rose in antique white cotton. It was a hit so I’m currently making one the next size up and also a tiny baby one for the new grandaughter arriving in December.roses-lacy-cardi.jpg

A new pencil case which was a quick weekend make as I needed it for my new job at the college. This was from Nicki Trench’s book Crocheted Cosies

pencil case

There have been a few blankets off my hook too:

Frida’s Flowers by Jane Crowfoot

Frida's flowers

I love the 3D effect of the flowers. Not my usual colour palette but the design is from Mexican inspiration.

I needed an uplifting easy C2C make whilst I was in hospital so this little baby blanket flew off my hook. The repeating pattern is beautifully meditative.

Red baby blanket (2)

There’s the Meadow Blanket which was a Drops CAL. A delight to make in cotton.


Lastly, my current make is another Last Dance on the Beach in the Dancing in the Rain colour palette. I had already made one which Alex adopted and then Jude wanted a bigger version for her new house. Jude’s is slightly different colour scheme with parchment for the border. I’ll add a photo when it is finished.




Finishing WIPs

I’m been finishing off a lot of WIPs (Work In Progress) and its such a lovely feeling 🙂 Most of them are baby related, some for my new granddaughter Rose and some for a new baby soon to be born to Jess at work.

Here we go with the photos:

WP_20151007_001 1This is a knitted babygrow; I do prefer the look of knitting to crochet for clothes, but am more prolific at crocheting, hence why I make so many blankets. The babygrow is from a Deramores pattern, I love the colours here: Stylecraft Shrimp and Saffron, and the contrasting colour changes hopefully make it a little more unique.

I also made an aran all-in-one for wearing outside with little wooden toggles, again this is knitted:

WP_20151124_001 and here’s a close-up of the cable:


I’m going to have to get some photos of Rose wearing it, hopefully those photos will look better! Rose grew out of the shrimp and saffron one before I had finished it, so I have made his one extra long to fit. She’s going to be a tall girl!

Another knitted one: a tiny pink cardi with rosebuds and a little pearl button from the Sublime pattern book:


A crocheted blanket for Jess’ baby using the Cedar River pattern from Deramores. It’s my first C2C blanket and a joy to make:



I have also been making some Christmas baubles inspired by Heather at the Patchwork Heart:


This is one of Heather’s photos, doesn’t she do beautiful staging. I’ve traded some crocheted baubles for some good photos of my own so I’m hoping they’ll make an appearance on my Etsy shop soon.

Continuing the Christmas theme, I have crocheted a gorgeous little stocking ready for Rose’ first Christmas, see the little red rose on the cuff so Santa knows whose presents to put in?


Well blogging is an exhausting business, as is taking photos! So I shall get back to my restful hooking and continue with the Christmas bauble production line. And good news on the M.E. front: I have been given the go-ahead for a new wheelchair with a tilt-in-space mechanism. For those not au fait with wheelchairs and their tricks, it will hopefully mean that I can rest from my wheelchair, spend less time lying flat in bed and hopefully be sociable for longer before crashing. Happy days 🙂